Business Model

Uniqueness plays a vital role in the growth of the business, Keeping this in mind, Fewa Media designs business model. Our employee-centric environment helps in developing the business model as per the client’s projects and requirements. Every organization develops a business model which is a method for successful operation. In the business Methodology, we recognize the source of revenue for providing satisfying result in the required time.

Benefits of Business Model

Business model gives many benefits to the company. With this model, you can get 100 % satisfied results by completing every step without wasting your time. Multi-models come in the Business methodology which is described here-

  • Stable cost-Fixed time Model: In this model, Company already knows what exact time will be required for the projects and they demand fixed prices for the projects.
  • Fewa Media Hourly Rate Model- This model is created by our dedicated developers when the client application has great requirement minor enhancements over time.
  • Experienced Team Model- Our diligent developers firstly recognize the exact requirements of our valued clients and for executing the plan firstly they plan for the development.
  • Maintenance Model- After complete, Fewa Media offer free of cost maintenance of the project at a stable time after completing this fixed time, we charge a normal price for maintaining your projects.